Musician Spotlight: Steve Naea

Meet Steve Naea: vocalist, emcee, dancer, and all-around performer extraordinaire. Steve actually started his ship career as part of a three-man pop/opera headliner act, performing around New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific, before starting his Carnival tenure in 2013 as a showband vocalist. Steve’s worked on half the ships in the fleet since then and has become a tour-de-force frontman as well as a de facto leader of every band he works with. Whether we’re reading another glowing evaluation or hearing about the myriad ways he goes above and beyond on board – organizing karaoke competitions, teaching the Haka to guests, and the list goes on – we’re perpetually proud of Steve and his impact on both the Carnival product and hundreds of guests’ experiences each week.

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And please continue for our Q&A with Steve Naea.


Lime: What do you enjoy most about the job, as a performer?

Steve: Honestly performing every night has helped me grow so much and so quickly! I'm ten times the singer/vocalist and performer I was before I started doing 2.0 Rockband. That and obviously the free travel! Seeing more of the world shapes you as an individual and adds depth to your personality I believe.

L: Do you see yourself continuing on ships, and if so, what makes you excited about future contracts?

S: I've done a lot of land work and gigs before ships. My goal is to change the face of music on ships. I want it to be the highlight of everyone's cruise when they see the musicians. I've implemented new ideas to the Rockband format using my current band CIA as a pilot. We started with the logo drum face, band merchandise, (shirts, hoodies, jackets and stickers to give out to guests), and a full animated logo to display while we’re on break and during our sets.

L: Who was Steve before ships, and who is Steve after several years of ships?

S: Before ships I was incredibly busy and stressed trying to string as many gigs together as possible and make ends meet. Now I'm a lot more relaxed, less stressed and much more confident. I've rounded myself as an entertainer. Because I work 6 nights a week, I've had a chance to strengthen my weaker points.

L: What would you say to musicians who are on the fence about working on ships?

S: I would say, what are you waiting for? I've sang on tours with major artists and performed in stage productions too. It is what you make it. I make it the best experience possible for myself, and I love every night on stage. I see the world for free and meet the most interesting and talented people in the world!