Meet the Team!

First up is Marcelle Saint Martin whom we affectionately call Celle, and who, contrary to what many of our musicians assume, is a gal, not a dude. Celle heads our admin team, tasked with the all-important responsibility of ensuring that each musician’s paperwork is in order before joining the ship. She wore many hats in her cruise ship career, including sales associate and art auctioneer, and in the process, met her now-husband, Luis, with whom many of our musicians are also familiar. Celle has also worked in the past as a consultant and an English teacher back home in Brazil – quite the varied resume, though we certainly hope she’s finally found the job she’ll end up keeping for a long, long time. You can reach her at

Appropriately segueing to our next team member, we have Luis Silveira, other half to Celle both in marriage and in the world of Lime. Luis rounds out the admin team, helping our musicians clear medicals, obtain visas, and pass background checks in order to work on board. When Luis was doing the cruising himself, he worked on Royal Caribbean as a bartender; on dry land now, he and Celle live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, having moved from Rio de Janeiro one year ago. And not to be outdone by his wife, he’s also held many jobs back in Brazil, from chef (having attended culinary school) to translator, cultivating his versatility to eventually take on the Lime gig. He can also be reached at

Here’s Pablo Nava, who, if you’re a houseband musician, you probably remember from the very beginning of your journey with Lime: he schedules and administers all of our auditions, as well as helping to review them. Pablo is also a Buenos Aires native, and after graduating with a degree in jazz guitar, became one of Lime’s very first musicians, sailing the world on Carnival and Princess before saying bon voyage to his sea legs and becoming our very first employee. And we’re all very excited about the fact that towards the end of this year, he’ll be getting married to his lovely fiancé, Maria! When he’s not testing for sight reading, Pablo still gigs around BA. You can find him at

Introducing Juli Percossi, who tends our applications and also aids in our social media efforts. Juli sees quite a large number of applications come in through the website daily, and he determines who among the pile might be a good fit for cruise ships. He also works with our marketing team, posting on several social media platforms and interacting with our followers. Juli grew up in Buenos Aires and worked on Holland America as a houseband drummer (through Lime, of course), before making the move back to dry land and joining our team. And when he finishes his day’s tasks for Lime, Juli works on a production label he’s building from the ground up, providing local musicians a platform to record and distribute their music. You can get in touch with him at

Say hello to Jaime Tinevez, who, like Celle, is clearly a gal (surprise!) and is in constant contact with our roster of musicians, making sure that they receive as much info as possible before joining a ship, as well as taking care of questions, concerns, and future contract requests once on board. Jaime hails from Calgary, Canada, and worked on ships for several years as a dancer in the cast and now resides outside of Seattle, Washington, with her trumpet-playing husband (and also former Lime muso) Mike, and two year-old son, Arlen. And as of recently, Jaime’s taken on the role of head recruiter for our production cast program, providing cruise work for dancers and vocalists, which we’re very excited about. As most of you are well aware, you can reach her at

Fede’s journey started in Argentina, where he studied drums before working several Carnival contracts in the showband, meeting his wife, Yana, moving to London, and then relocating to Barcelona, where 9 months ago, they produced a terribly cute baby girl named Lumi. Having recently spent three months in Argentina, they’re now off to Russia for the summer – that’s a family that knows how to travel. Fede had the idea for Lime while helping teach and prepare musicians for cruise work, and since its inception several years ago, has been the driving force behind its growth: constantly working to make sure the team is operating efficiently, and that they have the necessary tools at their disposal, as well as managing the admin team. You can reach him at

Post-graduation, Sam spent several years on Carnival, working as a showband keyboardist and then as musical director, before Fede first proposed the idea of Lime. Now, Sam runs the talent program, working in tandem with Pablo and Juli to find contracts for new musicians and groups, as well as with Jaime to ensure that our musicians' needs are being met. Since Lime began, Sam has worked for several other lines, and travels frequently to visit cruise line headquarters, meet our roster of musicians, and to perform himself; he spends winters in NYC and summers playing music on Martha’s Vineyard, though he might actually be looking for a new place to call home this fall – any suggestions? You can also find him at