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About Us

About Lime

Why do we do what we do? It stems from three simple facts:

1. We’re musicians, just like you.
2. We worked on cruise ships ourselves for several years.
3. Cruise ships changed our lives.

For the full explanation of how cruise ships gave our lives shape and meaning, read this (or just take our word for it). Point is, we feel extremely lucky that we had the chance to float around the ocean playing music, and so grateful for the incredible experiences during that time. And we want to offer our musicians those same opportunities which, in turn, lead to those experiences that – despite sounding dramatic – can truly change your life.

So we started Lime.

Our favorite part of the job is witnessing our musicians grow from the day we offer them their first ship contract. We love reading glowing feedback from supervisors; watching sidemen become musical directors; hearing about engagements and weddings; seeing our musician’s record albums, relocate to different countries, and tour internationally. And we love meeting our musicians in person, getting to know them better and also seeing the effects of the cruise gig first-hand.

If it isn’t clear already, caring for our artists is our passion. We’re here to navigate Lime’s performers through the cruise ship world, every step of the way, and we treat this responsibility with the utmost importance: it defines us. Through our various internal teams, all dedicated to providing assistance, advice, and support, we build meaningful relationships with each of our entertainers; meeting them in person is just the icing on the cake.

What gets us out of bed every morning is thinking about the impact this gig has on our artists, and it makes us truly happy and proud that we have the privilege of introducing them to the world of cruise ships, as well as supporting them throughout their journey.

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