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Rene Emidih

Say hello to King of Kick, the Prince of Paradiddles, the Goliath of Groove: Rene Emidih. A southern California native, Rene hopped on...

Financial Planning

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Office Update

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Free Time

Arguably the greatest positive aspect of working on a ship as a musician is time. That might seem like a strange assertion, given...

Chart Interpretation

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Crew Bar

As musicians aboard a cruise ship, the vast majority of working hours will be spent at night, entertaining guests before dinner, after dinner,...

Side Jobs

As mentioned in previous blog posts, the large amount of free time musicians have on board can be spent in a myriad of...

Production Shows

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Port Procedures

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This is the second of two posts designed to provide some information and insight into the ports so integral to the cruise ship...

Keyboard Patches

At first glance, the terms ‘pianist’ and ‘keyboardist’ appear to be virtually identical. True to form, most people use the two interchangeably when...

Cruise Ship Gigs & Jobs for Musicians

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