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Lounge Groups


This broad category includes any musical act on board consisting of two or more people. Such groups usually specialize in a particular genre of music, but repertoire and stylistic versatility are always encouraged. Lounge groups perform in various venues around the ship; some promote dancing, others lean more towards easy listening, but all provide excellent musical entertainment for guests.


Duos consist of a pianist and vocalist (although ideal if the pianist also sings) who perform traditional jazz as well as jazzy interpretations of rock and pop tunes. Our trios and quartets are more traditional: for trios, the instrumentation must be keys, bass, and drums, with at least one lead vocalist among the three, and for quartets, usually the addition of a frontwoman to the piano-based rhythm section. Apply now, and bring the spirit of the Vanguard to the middle of the ocean!


We’re always looking for duos where both members play an instrument and both sing. Instrumentation can vary – keys, bass, guitar, percussion – but both members must provide excellent vocals to the mix. Duos can be acoustic or play along to backing tracks, although the flexibility to do both is ideal. If you can cover all the genres – Motown to oldies to rock to contemporary – and add your own fresh twist, then this gig is for you!


4-piece lounge bands must include keys, guitar, bass, and drums, with one lead vocalist and at least one backing vocalist (although the more vocals, the merrier). 5-piece bands can add a lead vocalist or another instrumentalist, but there must be at least two lead vocalists in the group. If your band can jump from Motown to country to ‘80’s rock to Bruno Mars without breaking a sweat, get over to our apply page pronto!


We hire duos, trios and quartets where each member plays an instrument (usually keys, bass, or percussion, although other instruments are welcome), and just as importantly, everyone sings. If you play it all – salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata – sign up and show us what you’ve got!


Caribbean soloists are steel plan players who jam out to a repertoire of pop and reggae music, using backing tracks; vocals are a plus, but not required. Duos add a second instrumentalist (usually keys or bass) who also can sing lead. Sign up, and bring island vibes out to sea!


We’re always on the lookout for string duos and trios that can follow up Vivaldi with Pirates of the Caribbean. If you can merge the classic with the contemporary and perform it all like rock stars, come join our team and turn a ship into your own personal Carnegie Hall.

Allow Lime Entertainment the privilege of realizing your potential as a cruise ship entertainer to connect you to a world that will excite and stimulate you, both on and off the stage. We look forward to working with you, to providing you with the performing opportunities you deserve, and to treating you with the respect and professionalism you equally deserve.

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