Adam Benabid, freestyle rapper, part-time trombonist, and Lime’s featured muso of the week, hopped aboard Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas 🚢 back in December of 2019. Technically, he’s joined the ship to perform in the orchestra 🎶, but apparently that’s not stopping him from spitting some sweet rhymes. (We’re doing our best to sound hip here, so give us a break.)

This is actually Adam’s fourth ship, despite it being only his second contract.  How’s that possible, you ask?  On his first contract, he transferred from the Adventure to the Freedom, and in December, he transferred to the Anthem from a two-month stint on the Explorer.  The shuffling around might be frustrating for some, but for an adaptable personality like Adam’s, it’s an opportunity to meet even more people and create more friendships, and it seems like he’s been able to make the most of it.

We’re very happy to have Adam as part of our family, and we’re especially looking forward to his debut rap album,  rife with what we assume will be many #Lime shoutouts.  If you ever need a hype man, let us know!