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Federico Rios


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Sam Rothberg


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Marcelle Saint Martin

Admin Supervisor

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Luis Felipe Silveira


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Pablo Nava

Auditions Specialist

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Jaime Tinevez

Production Casting Supervisor

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Julian Percossi

Applications and Support

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Jesse Bartlett-Webber

Customer Support

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  • Federico Rios / Co-founder

    Half Uruguayan, half Argentinian, Fede earned his bachelor’s in jazz performance at the Berklee International Network and promptly shipped out to work as a showband drummer aboard Carnival Cruise Lines. He then moved to London, where he ran a weekly Cuban music night at the famous Ronnie Scott’s jazz club before one day emailing Sam to insist that they start an agency.

    Now Barcelona-based, he finally gets to see the sun again, and is able to meet Lime musicians who dock minutes away from his house. He spends most of his free time in the mountains; legend has it that he’s survived a winter in the Yukon with nothing but a sharp stone and a pair of drumsticks, although his wife claims that “he couldn’t make a salad at home if his life depended on it”. Thanks, Yana.

  • Sam Rotherberg / Co-founder

    After receiving his bachelor’s in music theory and composition from the University of Pennsylvania, Sam spent the next several years floating on the ocean as a keyboardist and musical director for Carnival. From the day Fede convinced him that this agency thing was actually a good idea, Sam has written an approximate total of 3.4 million work-related emails.

    Tangentially related to Lime, he’s also worked on multiple other cruise lines, directed various bands up and down the eastern US coast, arranged for companies and vocalists, and spoken at universities to promote innovative job opportunities for musicians. He falls asleep astoundingly quickly and has unusual passion for any food involving mayonnaise.

  • Marcelle Saint Martin / Admin Supervisor

    Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Marcelle earned a bachelor’s in literature and languages and has since worked as a translator, language instructor, and consultant. She’s also spent time asea with multiple cruise lines as an art auctioneer, where she met her husband (and fellow Lime rep), Luis. In her free time, she plays the violin, attends Black Sabbath concerts, and designs pencils.

    Marcelle is a paperwork ninja, taking care of medicals, passports, visas, Seaman’s books, flights, and everything else necessary to ensure that each of our musicians makes it on board safely. She’s been recruited by 12 countries for her expertise in immigration and homeland security, but she likes the Lime gig too much to leave.

  • Luis Felipe Silveira / Admin

    Rio-born as well, Luis attended culinary school and has held a variety of jobs since then, including freelance translator and maintenance administrator; he also spent two years as a bartender aboard Royal Caribbean’s ships, where he met Marcelle. When he’s not whipping up new cocktails, Luis can be found solving Rubik’s cubes and air drumming along to Tool.

    The other half of our admin tour-de-force, Luis spends his time roundhouse kicking visa deadlines and chasing down port agents for boarding letters. He types at a blistering 439 words per minute, and once stayed awake for 86 hours straight, tracking down a musician’s lost suitcase and ensuring its delivery to the ship.

  • Pablo Nava / Auditions Specialist

    Growing up in the Buenos Aires music scene, Pablo graduated from university with a degree in jazz guitar before becoming one of Lime’s first musicians, working on several lines and sailing the world. He continues to teach and gig in Buenos Aires, and is also a two-time Argentinian alligator wrestling champion.

    Pablo reviews talent submissions and conducts auditions for all potential Showband musicians, testing for sight reading, improvisation, versatility, and general musicianship. It has been told that he can ascertain whether a musician will pass in 2.7 seconds, and on one occasion, simultaneously proctored four auditions and taught two different lessons while also having lunch.

  • Jaime Tinevez / Customer Support

    Jaime hails from Calgary, Canada, and spent much of her twenties working on Carnival as a dancer, which makes her more flexible than the rest of the Lime team combined.  She used to run Lime’s customer support, helping our musicians with requests, questions, and advice, but then one day we thought hey, why don’t we actually put her expertise to use?  Now she heads our casting department, discovering dancer and vocalist talent for the big stage, and she hasn’t looked back, aside from when we sent two angry bears chasing after her for fun.

    She also claims to make amazing cupcakes

  • Julian Percossi / Applications and Support

    If Ok Google and Siri had a lovechild, it would be Juli Percossi.  Hailing from Buenos Aires, Juli is in charge of applications and social media, reviewing performers and sending them down the path to eventually become part of our top-notch roster.  We used to joke that he can smell talent a mile away, but then we tested him and he can actually smell it from 4.7 miles away.

     Juli’s incredible time management and organisation skills come from years of drumming, but his secret weapon –from which all of his mojo is derived – is none other than his majestic mustache.  Legend has it that a tone-deaf man once touched it and immediately broke into Mozart’s Don Giovanni!  But then he shaved it and didn’t lose his mojo.  So we’re confused.

  • Jesse Bartlett-Webber /  Support

    A Michigan native, Jesse Bartlett-Webber made his shipboard debut as a drummer on Holland America in 2016 (represented by us, of course) and went on to work for P&O UK and as a bandmaster with Celebrity before joining the team at Lime headquarters.  He’s recently assumed the role of customer support, and took the vow we kindly suggest to all who have held that title: Reply to each email within 48 hours or cut your own hands off.  Fun!

    Recently relocated back to Detroit with his fiancé Jillian (a former cruise ship performer herself), Jesse is currently enjoying the challenges of re-learning basic skills that he neglected to master in his young adulthood, such as egg frying, highway driving, and the notes in a C major chord.