2017 news!

2017 started on a great note (musical pun intended). and we wanted to share it with you.

As you might know, we are constantly working on adding value to our services, and the recurrent question that’s always in the back of our minds is “What else can we do for our guys? How else can we help them?”

Well, we’re very happy to announce that one of the things we’ve been working on finally came through: we went to Istanbul, where the best cymbals in the world are made, and we closed a deal with the amazing Bosphorus Cymbals!

Now, every Lime drummer has access to buy Bosphorus cymbals at ridiculously discounted prices. Like, seriously ridiculous. We can now offer distribution prices for all of our guys! That means buying top-notch, handmade cymbals at a 20 or 30% of the retail price – it’s as if every Lime drummer has received the highest rank of endorsement from Bosphorus (which not many world-class drummers get)! Many of our drummers are already shopping like it’s Black Friday and buying tons of cymbals, which makes us super happy.

Obviously, this only affects our drummers (although if you are not a drummer but want to buy some cymbals, you can absolutely ask us about it). But this is just the first step. Our plan for 2017 is to get as many brands on board with this idea as possible, so every Lime musician, regardless of what they play, will have access to these type of deals! (And if you have any specific ideas related to possible endorsements, we’d love to hear them.)