Jamie Tinevez

The Freedom of Working on Cruise Ships By Jamie Tinevez Jamie spent much of her twenties working as a dancer on Carnival and now heads our casting department, discovering dancer and vocalist talent for the big stage. She wrote about her life-changing experience onboard, where she made lasting friendships, saved up money, and most importantly, […]

Financial Planning

A lot of you have asked us for advice on how to save more money on board, and we’re happy to share what we know.  So here’s our take on it.  Cruise ship jobs are unique for quite a few reasons.  One is that your basic living expenses are covered – room, closet, bed: check, three meals […]

Port Procedures

There are a great many aspects of life on a cruise ship that will be novel for most musicians. For this reason, the upcoming posts will deviate from music-related themes to familiarize future shipboard musicians with concepts and routines that will quickly become normal and even second-nature once on board. This particular post will deal […]

Production Shows

For anyone who has played a production show before, this entry could be quite boring (and for that, I apologize). However, it should be sufficiently interesting and informative for prospective orchestra musicians. There are two production shows on a given night, spaced apart, so the second starts roughly an hour after the first one finishes. […]


This is the second of two posts designed to provide some information and insight into the ports so integral to the cruise ship industry; the previous entry dealt primarily with procedures for getting on and off the ship, and this entry will delve into the actual stops the ship makes during its run. The term […]

Free Time

Arguably the greatest positive aspect of working on a ship as a musician is time. That might seem like a strange assertion, given other positives like new countries to explore, beautiful beaches to visit, unique and exciting people to meet, and the sheer privilege of playing music each and every day. But the simple concept […]