Variety Acts

Jugglers? Yep. Magicians? Sure. Acrobats? Yep. From contortionists to ventriloquists, we’re always on the lookout for the next great act. Show us your talents on the big stage and let’s get that ball rolling!


The comedy club circuit is there for cutting your teeth. Cruise ships are where you level up. We’re always looking for comics who have 90+ minutes of clean material, with the versatility to crack up even the most diverse of demographics. Send us videos of your stand-up, and let’s graduate you to an ocean view!

Musical Acts

From vocalists to instrumentalists, and soloists through quartets, we’re looking for that blend of exceptional musicianship and captivating stage presence. If you ooze so much charm on the mic that the audience doesn’t care whether you’re performing or just plain talking, then it’s about time you applied with us.