We don’t just want singers. We want frontmen and women who can light up a crowd with their stage presence as well as their incredible vocals! Rock and soul chops are a must; jazz and blues encouraged; and a wide repertoire that reflects these styles is essential. Let us see what you’ve got!


Sometimes cruise lines have a need for solo instrumentalists: pianists, guitarists, violinists, saxophonists, and more. These performers must be just as engaging — boasting a wide and varied repertoire, bantering with the crowd, eagerly taking requests, and owning the stage. If you can capture a crowd with just your instrument, show us!

Guitar Soloists

Guitar soloists bring the best of Dylan, Neil Young, the Beatles, and then add their twist on classic rock, ‘80’s, R&B, country and pop tunes. The ability to turn any venue into a sign-along pub is an essential part of the job. Loopers, harmonizers, harmonicas, and other gadgets are all welcome. If mash-ups, impromptu conga […]

Piano Bar

Piano bar entertainers are the ultimate human jukebox, performing everyone’s favorite sing-alongs until the early hours of the morning. You are truly there to entertain — banter and crowd rapport are just as important as the songs you sing. If your act is a combination of Billy Joel, Elton John, contemporary pop, rap, country, Broadway, […]