Hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands, this week’s spotlight goes to bassist 🎸  Daniel De Boer, new to the Lime fam as he heads out for his first contract on the Celebrity Edge.

Not to be outdone by Sydney Phipps in last week’s feature, Daniel’s upcoming itinerary is just as snazzy: a smattering of the Caribbean to start (Key West, San Juan, Grand Cayman, and more), and after that, a Mediterranean route that includes cities like Rome, Naples, Athens, Mykonos and Santorini 😎.

Perhaps he’ll hitch a donkey ride up to the top of the mountain in Santorini while shredding sick bass riffs.  Or maybe he’ll sculpt a bust of himself at the top of the mountain, using only feta cheese and bass strings.  If all else fails, he can just save his bass usage for the stage, holding down funky grooves all night.

Mountains, basses, donkeys, feta, and all: it certainly has the makings of a great contract, and we’re wishing Daniel the best as he heads out for this new big adventure!