Long-time LimeFam member, George Mastakas, hails from Greece, and plays those 88 keys like it’s his job!  Which is good news, because it is his job.

George auditioned for us back in 2016, we put him on the Carnival Paradise on January 12th, 2017, and the rest is history.  For all you history buffs, that means stints on the Glory, Magic, Triumph, Horizon, Legend, and most recently, the Elation, his first contract after receiving the promotion of Music Manager.  Like dorky gushy parents, we’re very proud of him.

And we know George is a great leader, even if he’s been forcing the band to eat five pounds of baklava and drink a gallon of ouzo.  Which, honestly, doesn’t even sound that bad.  Especially the baklava part.  Looking forward to more contracts where you can rock out with that glow-in-the-dark hat, George!