Hailing from Urbana, Illinois, in the heartland of the good ol’ USA 🇺🇸, trombonist Matt Avery claims this week’s performer spotlight.

This is Matt’s second stint on the high seas, after a contract on the Diamond Princess last summer.  He then joined the Royal Princess 🚢 back in January, and in addition to fulfilling his nightly task of supplying the horn section with a much-needed boost from the bottom 🎶, Matt’s been wisely using his free time to become an expert taco connoisseur on his frequent visits to Cozumel, Mexico.  Rumor had it that Matt ate so many tacos 🌮 that it awakened the great spirit of the legendary Mexican Elvis.

We didn’t believe him at first, but he sent this picture to prove it! #NoPhotoshop #MexicanElvisLovesTacos

Matt’s still holding down the fort on board, and although he probably won’t be going back to Cozumel anytime soon, we’re sure he’s holding those tacos ever so fondly in his memory. Mmm.  Tacos.

Looking forward to more contracts together, Matt!