As many of you are aware, Jesse Bartett-Webber is now the man behind support.  Jesse’s worked on HAL, P&O, and Celebrity as a drummer and musical director, and has been with us at Lime since 2016; we’re proud to now have him on the other side of things, giving you help, advice and guidance as we once did for him!  Jesse can be contacted at the same support email most of you have grown accustomed to:

If you want to see what Jesse looks like and learn a bit more about him, you can check him out on our Meet the Team page (the rest of the gang is all here, as well)!

It was hard saying goodbye to our queen of support, Jaime Tinevez, but she’s moved on to an exciting new role: casting for vocalists and dancers.  As good as she was in the support role, this is where her true expertise lies, as she worked as a dancer on Carnival for several years.  If any of you are thinking of hanging up your trumpet and switching from melodic minor scales to fouettes and pirouettes, feel free to shoot her an email at  Or perhaps more relevant, if you have a friend who’s a dancer or vocalist, feel free to write Jaime and refer your friends to us.  Or hey, if you just miss talking to Jaime and want to say hi, feel free!  She probably misses talking to you, too.


So for a quick review of the Lime directory:

Jesse –, for any requests, questions or advice that isn’t related to paperwork

Luis and Marcelle –, for anything that is related to paperwork

Jaime –, if you have potential production cast performers to recommend

We’re exciting to keep growing with each one of you in mind, so that with each new member of our team, we’re better equipped to help you with whatever you might need.  That’s how we roll at Lime!  Woop!