Unconventional Acts

Does your group not fit into any of our other categories – but you’re pretty sure you’ll still blow our minds? We’re all about it. Apply and enlighten us.

Country Acts

Ain’t the whole wide world just one big country song? We need duos, trios, quartets and 5-piece brands with a deep knowledge and appreciation of country new and old – from Willie and Merle all the way to Keith, Brad, and Kenny. Whether you’re boasting pearl snap fasteners or just blue jeans, a white t-shirt […]

Caribbean Ensembles

Caribbean soloists are steel plan players who jam out to a repertoire of pop, reggae, and calypso music, using backing tracks; vocals are a plus, but not required. Duos add a second instrumentalist (usually keys or bass) who also can sing lead. Sign up, and bring island vibes out to sea!

Classical Ensembles

We’re always on the lookout for duos, trios, and quartets that can follow up Vivaldi with the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean. If you can merge the classic with the contemporary and perform it all like rock stars, come join our team and turn a ship into your own personal Carnegie Hall.

Latin Ensembles

We hire duos, trios and quartets where each member plays an instrument (usually keys, bass, or percussion, although other instruments are welcome), and just as importantly, everyone sings. Backing tracks encouraged. High-energy mandatory. If you play it all – salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata – sign up and show us what you’ve got!

Jazz Ensembles

Trios and quarters welcome! All groups must have drums, bass (or key-bass), at least one chordal instrument, and at least one vocalist; musician-vocalists and multi-instrumentalists ideal! Repertoire should include straight-ahead jazz and Latin, jazzy renditions of pop tunes, and some light pop and blues. Bring the spirit of the Vanguard to the middle of the […]

Party Bands

4-piece party bands must include drums, bass, at least one chordal instrument, and at least two vocalists (although the more vocals, the merrier). 5 and 6-piece bands boast an additional lead vocalist. If your band can jump from Motown to country to ‘80’s rock to Beyonce without breaking a sweat, get over to out apply […]


It’s the age of the trio! We source all different kinds: soul (piano, bass, horn), folk (guitar, fiddle, bass), rock (guitar, bass, drums), and more. All must include at least one lead vocalist. Grab your two buddies, slide on over to our apply page, and unveil your sweet sounds!

Mainstream Duos

We’re always looking for duos where both members play an instrument and both sing. Instrumentation can vary – keys, bass, guitar, percussion – but both members must provide excellent vocals to he mix. Duos can either be acoustic, play along to backing tracks, or do both! If you can cover all the genres – Motown […]


We don’t just want singers. We want frontmen and women who can light up a crowd with their stage presence as well as their incredible vocals! Rock and soul chops are a must; jazz and blues encouraged; and a wide repertoire that reflects these styles is essential. Let us see what you’ve got!