Sometimes cruise lines have a need for solo instrumentalists: pianists, guitarists, violinists, saxophonists, and more. These performers must be just as engaging — boasting a wide and varied repertoire, bantering with the crowd, eagerly taking requests, and owning the stage. If you can capture a crowd with just your instrument, show us!

Guitar Soloists

Guitar soloists bring the best of Dylan, Neil Young, the Beatles, and then add their twist on classic rock, ‘80’s, R&B, country and pop tunes. The ability to turn any venue into a sign-along pub is an essential part of the job. Loopers, harmonizers, harmonicas, and other gadgets are all welcome. If mash-ups, impromptu conga […]


Bones must be great readers, possess a keen awareness of dynamics and phrasing, and solo nicely over jazz and blues. If your dream job is straddling Broadway, Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, and a swingin’ combo gig on the side, sign yourself up!


Trumpets must have excellent reading skills and either a screaming high lead register, or tasty jazz improv skills, although no complaints if you can do both. If you love emulating Maynard and Clifford, then we’d love to have you on the team.


Alto and tenor saxophonists must be top-notch readers, killer improvisers, and obsessive about articulation and phrasing. Must double on flute and clarinet. If you’re working in the West End but missing soloing over Trane changes, apply this minute.


Drummers must have great reading skills, as well as the versatility to lead a band through songs in every genre under the sun: rock, pop, jazz, funk, Latin, and more. If you think of yourself as the lovechild of Steve Jordan, Buddy Rich and Jeff Porcaro, this is your gig.


Keyboardists must be excellent readers, strong improvisers, and comp over everything from ‘80s pop to big band jazz. If you can’t decide whether your dream job is to music direct on Broadway or become the next Cory Henry, visit our apply page immediately.


Guitarists must have strong reading skills, great rock improv chops, and a ton of stylistic versatility. If you like shredding solos a la Van Halen but also building chord solos a la Wes Montgomery, sign on up!

Piano Bar

Piano bar entertainers are the ultimate human jukebox, performing everyone’s favorite sing-alongs until the early hours of the morning. You are truly there to entertain — banter and crowd rapport are just as important as the songs you sing. If your act is a combination of Billy Joel, Elton John, contemporary pop, rap, country, Broadway, […]


Bassists must have excellent reading skills and the versatility to perform rock, pop, jazz, funk, Latin, and more. Upright skills are a plus. If you like playing along to Tower of Power records and then listening to Christian McBride, this gig’s probably for you.