A few weeks ago, Argentinian superstar drummer Chino Piazza touched down in Florida to begin rehearsals at Celebrity’s studios. As Will Smith once sagely uttered, Bienvenidos a Miami!

More recently, on February 6th, he boarded his ship, the Equinox, sailing off for a comprehensive Caribbean tour that includes ports such as Cozumel, Key West, Grand Cayman, St Thomas, St Croix, and lots and lots of other islands with palm trees.  This is Chino’s second contract with Celebrity, after a stint on the Reflection last year, and we’re happy he’s decided to continue the cruise ship musician lifestyle in 2020.

But wait: there are even more exciting ports on the horizon.  In April, he’ll stop in New Orleans, to catch some original funk firsthand.  Not that he needs any introduction to it – he’s plenty funky behind the kit, and the Equinox band is lucky to have him.  As are we!  Have a great contract, Chino!