We’ll review your application and, if you match the criteria, we’ll invite you to start our application journey!

Here’s more info about and details about the role.

Who you’ll work with

You will work directly with — and report to — Jess, our Head of Ops.

But you’ll interact with the whole Lime team; we strive to be a very collaborative company, across all departments.

Where will you work?

We all work remote, scattered around the globe from Barcelona to Martha’s Vineyard, Buenos Aires to Ohio, etc.

Working remotely has some serious benefits:

  • You do your job from home, in your pajamas.
  • Your commute is about 30 seconds long, from your bedroom to your office/living room.
  • You get to have a tasty and healthy lunch that you prepare yourself, and then eat it with your family / partner / in the peaceful quiet of your own home.
  • … you get the point.

But it can also be a bit challenging.

  • Work-life balance: the lack of a clear split between the work and home environment can be difficult to manage.
  • If you’ve got a family — especially kids — all that can be very distracting.
  • You need to be driven and focused to avoid distractions with other house chores and obligations.
  • …you get the point!

The most crucial factor about working remote is this: at Lime, we have a work philosophy that’s based on outcome and trust.

This means that nobody will be checking on you to see if you’re in front of the computer or not – we trust you’re doing your very best. But we also measure everybody’s output. It’s less about assessing individual performance, and more to make sure we’re on track with our goals and targets.

💡 There’s a ton of trust placed in every member of the Lime Team. Without this trust, we simply can’t function.

What Does Lime Do and Why?

As just about everyone on our team will tell you, cruise ships have changed our lives drastically for the better. Our mission at Lime is to provide these life-changing opportunities to as many performers worldwide as we possibly can.

You’ll play a fundamental role in this mission. You’ll get to experience first-hand the joy of seeing people’s lives improve, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you were responsible for those positive changes, improvements, and transformations.

Your Resources

  • A very dedicated and loving team! We’re here for you.
  • Extremely detailed and up-to-date procedures on everything you’ll be doing.
  • Top-notch back-end organization to make your life easier.
  • Lime operates using EOS, ensuring excellent team alignment, clear goals and responsibilities for everybody in the team.

Our Tech Stack

We use the following tools to operate:

  • FileMaker Pro → Database.
  • Notion → Company Wiki/External Communication.
  • Slack → Internal Asynchronous Communication.
  • Zoom → Synchronous Communication.
  • Loom → Video Inquiries.

Thanks for your interest in Lime – we appreciate you.