Are you a ship musician with some admin experience who wants to transition to a land gig?

Or maybe you’ve been working for a large corporation but would prefer a small, close-knit team, where you’ll be trusted and cared for — all while working from home.

If so, this job is for you!

About Lime

We’re a talent agency specializing in cruise ship entertainment. We recruit musicians, dancers, and many other types of performers worldwide, and place them on cruise ships.

We’re a team of young enthusiasts who believe in constant growth, driven by our purpose: helping performers change their lives for the better, and to achieve their full potential.

Want to join us?


What will you learn on this job?

We work for the biggest cruise lines in the world: gigantic corporations that run a tight ship (fine, many ships). Our operations at Lime are second-to-none because we understand that to serve such a logistically complex industry, we must always excel. You’ll operate at a very high standard.

You’ll learn how to get organized and stay organized, fulfilling the needs of 15+ cruise line partners, and themed parks, each with its different outlets.

The key to each of these cruise line partners is held by a handful of people: the cruise line bookers. They decide which performer from which agency they’ll hire; they’re the gatekeepers. If we could sum up your job in one sentence, it would probably be “Make their lives easier.” You’ll communicate with them daily and learn to connect at different levels, speak their language, understand their needs, and offer solutions to their problems.

Coming from the cruise ship world, you probably know that each cruise line has different musical products that correspond to its brand, its target demographic, and so on. You’ll learn all about that. You’ll need that knowledge to cast the perfect musician or band for the right cruise line. And you’ll learn how to portray performers in the most flattering light, to give them the best chance possible of being hired.

In short, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the cruise ship world from the other side: how we operate at Lime, and what gives us an edge.


About you

These are the qualities we’re looking for in you:

  • Cruise ship experience as a musician. You’ll need to have completed at least 2 full contracts on board.
  • Native English / excellent written English. We have high standards of both written and verbal communication.
  • Admin experience. You’ll need to know the basics of business workflows, tools and best practices.
  • Available from June 1st, on land. If it isn’t already clear, this is not a side job that can be done while on a ship.
  • Ideally residing within the Americas as you’ll work during American EST business hours.

It would be a plus if you have:

  • Managerial experience, as you’ll be leading a small team.
  • Experience with some of the IT tools we use (FileMaker, Notion and Slack)

Your Role and Responsibilities

  • Full-time position.
    • This means 40 hours a week, but it doesn’t have to be strictly 9 to 5. Everyone on the team is afforded some flexibility when it comes to work hours. However, you’ll be working during USA EST business hours.
  • Casting:
    • Assess pre-digested talent by our Applications Team and decide for which cruise line(s) they’d be a perfect fit.
    • Due diligence before offering a contract. Before we offer someone a contract, we always call them to ensure they’re the right fit for that specific contract/cruise line and that they meet all the requirements to join a ship.
  • Placement of talent:
    • Coordinate with our Applications team to get all the necessary information about our new-hires.
    • Coordinate with our Customer Support team to be updated with our re-hire performers’ availability and requests for future contracts.
    • Coordinate with our Onboarding and Logistics team to ensure that all performers can and will be processed in time.
    • Offer and confirm contracts. Offering someone their very first ship contract is one of the most gratifying things we get to do.
  • Management and care for our B2B accounts:
    • You’ll be in constant communication with the cruise lines’ bookers. Presenting new talent, discussing scheduling of our already-hired performers, and solving problems on the go. Zoom calls, phone chats, emails, and more!
    • Visits to the cruise line offices. You’ll head to Florida and LA a couple of times a year to meet with the cruise line bookers in person.
  • General team collaboration and other role responsibilities.
    • Weekly team meetings. Being a remote company, this is crucial to ensure that we’re updated with all current information, and aligned across departments.
    • Completion of “rocks” (setting and achieving goals). Besides our regular day-to-day operations we all work on big-picture projects.
    • Oversee our applications and support teams ensuring they’ve got all they need to excel at their job.


Job perks:

  • Remote position.
  • Salary in US dollars.
  • End-of-year incentive opportunities.
  • Upward movement within a growing company.
  • 15 working days of PTO per year, plus the 11 days of US federal holidays, for a total of 26 working days off.
  • Personal growth and up-skill-ing encouragement. We’ll pay for any course you’d like to take, as long as it’s related to what you do at Lime.


Apply by filling out the form below. 

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 🤘🏼