Three months ago, Fer Valin joined the ranks of the Lime HQ team.

That said, it feels like he’s been on the team for a full year. He learned the gig that fast.

Fer spent several years working on ships, first as an orchestra guitarist with Royal Caribbean, and more recently, as the leader of a houseband/party band quartet on Holland America. A terrific musician, he knows the performance aspects of the gig extremely well, and understands ship life like a true sailor — perfectly equipped for the position of support@.

Having put in his time at sea, Fer returned back to his native Argentina in early 2023, and told us he wanted to see how things worked behind the curtain. Soon thereafter, we were training him to take over for Damo, who ran the support chair magnificently for a year but was transitioning to a casting and booking role within the company.

And now that everyone has assimilated into their new positions, the team is running smoother than ever (though we believe there’s always room for improvement)!

So if you have any questions, requests, needs, or thoughts; if you want to make sure you’re fully prepared before joining a ship; if you need assistance with anything while you’re on board; if you’re on vacation and your availability has changed — Fer is your man.

Just give him a shout at He’s always here to help.