This week, we’re spotlighting Hector “Tito” Contreras, joining the #LimeFam from Santiago, Chile and looking all hip in those sweet shades.

Before he was a cruise ship musician, Tito was already traveling the world playing his trombone, and we’re basically just perpetuating this trajectory in sending him off to Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas.  He joined the ship back on December 16th in Sydney, Australia, and he’s been all over New Zealand since then, in addition to a few stops in Pacific isles like Vanuatu and New Caledonia, returning back to Sydney between voyages to pose like a rock star in front of the opera house.

Exploring Oceania by day and crafting sultry jazz solos by night, it sounds like Tito’s having a pretty darn good time out there, and that makes us pretty darn happy.  We’ll let him get back to his fancy bebop licks, and just in case we need to get in touch, we’ll just ask Brad Pitt to give us a hand.