Lime is exceptional, first and foremost, because of the team of people we’ve assembled.

We don’t take this for granted – we prioritize it above all else, and we’re fiercely loyal to it.

So whenever we’re looking for someone to join our core team, we always turn to you first, our amazing #LimeFam. You know first-hand what we’re about, how we care for our performers, and how much we love what we do.

Because these core positions are crucial to our growth, we’d be happy to give you $500 USD if we end up hiring anyone you refer to us.

Please note: this referral fee is only eligible for Lime HQ positions — for our head office. This is different than our referral program for performers who want to work on board.


How do I refer a friend for a position offered at Lime HQ?

Please have your friend complete the application process outlined in the job description, and ask them to mention, in the application email, that you referred them to Lime.

Also, it can’t hurt if you send us a quick email to  telling us that “[My friend] **is planning to apply!”

Thanks very much for spreading the word. We truly appreciate it.