This strikingly beautiful woman grabs our spotlight for the week. Lime followers, meet @sydneyphippsofficial.

Sydney is currently performing as a lead vocalist 🎤 on board Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas 🚢, and we’re pretty sure she’s getting a rhapsodic standing ovation every night. (Coincidentally, we gave ourselves a standing ovation when we got her hired.) This gal’s pipes blew us away, and we’re delighted to be representing her (and her pipes).

Currently, she’s sailing the Caribbean, but in a month and a half, she’ll be headed across the pond to the Mediterranean, where she’ll visit enough Greek isles to write a guidebook.  Not to mention Croatia, France, Montenegro, and Italy.  There are approximately 10,492 worse ways to spend a summer.

Have a blast, Sydney!  Much love from the Lime family! 😎