Uber-talented guitarist 🎸, Tomas Simpson, is Lime’s man of the week this week. Tomas joined Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas in December, and we’re pretty they loved him from the minute he hopped on board. For one, he probably melted faces with his playing from the very first show. Plus, how could they resist him with that beautiful beard? Actually, we’re pretty sure that no one can. It’s magnetic.

Tomas originally worked with us as part of a killer 6-piece lounge band aboard P&O Australia, but when the band went their separate ways, he decided to try his hand as part of the orchestra, and the fact that he’s done a great job in this new position is a testament to his versatility.

Herr Simpson is actually still on board, having transferred from the Mariner to the Anthem, and should be heading home to the Dominican Republic soon. But he stopped performing back in March, and we know he’s already looking forward to getting back to work as part of the orchestra – trust us, Tomas, we’re right there with you.

In the meantime, keep those chops (and that beard) in top shape! 😎