About Lime

We’re a talent agency specializing in cruise ship entertainment. Lime recruits musicians, dancers, and a variety of other performers from 50+ countries, and places them on cruise ships all over the world.

We’re a team of young enthusiasts who believe in constant growth, driven by our purpose: helping performers achieve their full potential, and change their lives for the better.

You can read more about us here – it’ll help you understand why we believe that what we do truly matters.

Want to join us?

We’re hiring a Social Media Manager in order to fully execute our marketing plan, including the crucial strategies of standing out on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and increasing brand awareness to attract talent as well as our hiring partners.

Your job is to make this happen.


What will you learn on this job?

You’ll hone your social media skills as you dig in to our specific strategy plan, most likely learning more about each platform as well as how to focus your effectiveness on hitting our particular targets.

You’ll understand the cruise industry, as well as the talent industry, in a whole new way — we’re effectively peeling back the curtain for you to see how things work behind the scenes.

Though your English skills are already pretty strong, they’ll get really good, between all of the written correspondence and the multiple Zoom calls you’ll likely be taking on a daily basis. After working with us for a while, the US embassy might come calling for a job offer.

And you’ll learn how to operate within a organization, particularly if you’ve only done freelance or independent contractor work in the past — this includes familiarizing yourself with informational as well as communication platforms, as well as other tools.


Who you’ll work with

You’ll work directly with — and report to — Sam, co-director at Lime.

But you’ll interact with the whole Lime Team; we strive to be a very collaborative company, across all departments.


Where will you work?

We all work remotely, scattered around the globe, from Barcelona to Martha’s Vineyard, Buenos Aires, Ohio, Boston, etc.

Working remotely has some serious benefits:

  • You do your job from home in your pajamas.
  • Your commute is about 30 seconds long, from your bedroom to your office/living room.
  • You get to have a tasty and healthy lunch that you prepare yourself, and then eat it with your family / partner / peacefully by yourself, in the quiet of your own home.
  • You get to pick up the kids from school!
  • … you get the point.

But it can also be a bit challenging.

  • Work-life balance: the lack of a clear split between the work and home environment can be difficult to manage.
  • If you’ve got a family — especially kids — all that can be very distracting.
  • You need to be driven and focused to avoid distractions with other house chores and obligations.
  • …you get the point!

The most important factor about working remote is this: at Lime, we have a work philosophy that’s based on outcome and trust.

This means that nobody will be checking on you to see if you’re in front of the computer or not – we trust you’re doing your very best. But we also measure everybody’s output. Not so much to assess our performance, but mostly to see if we’re on track with our goals and targets.

💡 There’s a ton of trust placed in every member of the Lime Team. Without this trust, we simply can’t function.


What Does Lime Do and Why?

As just about everyone on our team will tell you: cruise ships have changed our lives drastically for the better, and our mission at Lime is to provide these same life-changing opportunities to as many performers worldwide as we possibly can.

You’ll play a fundamental role in this mission. You’ll be responsible for spreading the Lime gospel far and wide. The better we do this, the more lives we get to influence and improve!

Your Role and Responsibilities

  • Part-time position. This means 20 hours a week. We have a flexible work schedule.
  • Content Creation: Written copy, image design, and video content creation are your responsibilities.
  • Calendar design and execution: Responsible for creating a comprehensive posting calendar and making sure that it’s executed in a timely fashion.
  • Grow our blog. Writing a weekly piece on cruise ship life and other related subjects.
  • Ship our Newsletter. In charge of writing and shipping our fortnightly newsletter.
  • Grow our following across all platforms.
  • Build our image from the ground up for new platforms.
  • Strengthen our B2C funnel by increasing website applications as well as talent quality.
  • B2B clients magnet. Formulate and implement strategies to target new B2B clients.
  • General Team Collaboration. As said before, we’re highly collaborative across departments – we’re always helping each other out, even with things that don’t fall into our job description. We. Make. Things. Happen.
  • Weekly Team Meetings. Being a remote company, this is crucial to ensure that we’re updated with all current information as well as aligned.

About you

These are the qualities we’re looking for in you:

  • In-depth knowledge of social media platforms (particularly Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn). This means both an ease and comfortability with user experience (content, posting, messaging, etc) as well as with the back-end (trends, strategy, etc).
  • Knowledge of Canva, or similar design-related software.
  • Driven and accountable. We need you to be proactive in tackling projects, doing research when necessary, and balancing multiple platform accounts while also creating content for our blog and newsletter**.**
  • Speak fluent English / Excellent written English. Internally, Lime operates 100% in English – we have high standards of both written and verbal communication.
  • Strong writing skills. We’re talking style, punctuation, and phrasing.
  • Organized and detailed-oriented. You’ll be responsible for different tasks and need to be on top of them.
  • A bit of a sense of humor. As a team, we appreciate humor, and on occasion, we’re even funny and witty ourselves.
  • Based in Argentina. Even though the position is remote, we’re looking for someone in Argentina, where a large part of our team is based.
  • Having cruise ship experience in any capacity is certainly a plus, but not mandatory.
  • Currently living on land. This is not a side job that can be done while on board a ship.

Job perks:

  • Remote position.
  • Salary in US dollars.
  • End-of-year performance bonuses.
  • 3 weeks of vacation per year as well as all US federal holidays off.
  • Personal growth and up-skill-ing encouragement. We’ll pay for any course you’d like to do, as long as it’s related to what you do at Lime.
  • Being part of a company in constant growth — we love to learn and evolve.

Your Resources

  • Library of company visual assets.
  • History of posts for the last couple of years.
  • Top-notch back-end organization to make your life easier.
  • A very dedicated and loving team! We’re here for you.

Our Tech Stack

We use the following tools to operate:

  • FileMaker Pro → Database.
  • Notion → Company Wiki/External Communication.
  • Slack → Internal Asynchronous Communication.
  • Zoom → Synchronous Communication.
  • Loom → Video Inquiries.

How to apply for this position

If this sounds it might be a great fit for you, and you’re excited about the prospect of being a part of our team, we’d love to hear back!

Please send us an email to HR@LimeMusicEntertainment.com with:

  • Your CV.
  • A cover letter telling us why you’re the perfect candidate for this job.
  • A quick video telling us a bit about yourself and what excites you about this position.
  • One or two accounts you manage and are responsible for.
  • Create 3 posts for Instagram, in our style. You can share them as images + text.
  • Create 2 posts for TikTok. You can share them as video files.
  • If you have a blog, vlog, or any other creative project, please include those links.


⚠️ Please bear in mind that applications that don’t comply with ALL of the above-mentioned requirements won’t be considered, nor responded to. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🤘🏼